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Windshear Wind Tunnel - Overview
Opened in September of 2008, Windshear’s 180-mph rolling-road wind tunnel is the first of its kind in North America, and only the third rolling road wind tunnel of its scale in existence. More importantly, it is the world’s first commercially available, full-scale, rolling-road wind tunnel of its type.

Windshear operates the one-of-a-kind facility 10 hours a day, 5 days a week, with a staff of 12. The facility is available for hire to all motor sports teams and auto manufacturers, providing services previously available only to top Formula 1 teams.

The wind tunnel accommodates full-scale vehicles, and provides constant airspeeds up to 180 mph, with temperatures controlled to within 1ºF. The high-tech rolling road is 10.5 feet wide by 29.5 feet long, and able to accelerate from zero to 180 mph in less than one minute. The “road” is actually a continuous stainless steel belt just one millimeter thick, and it is designed to last up to 5,000 operational hours. If a vehicle remained on the belt the entire 5,000 hours, it would “travel” approximately 300,000 to 400,000 kilometers (186,000 to 248,000 miles). During testing, “through-the-belt” sensors measure the aerodynamic down force under each tire.
Windshear Wind Tunnel Rolling-Road FactsROLLING-ROAD FACTS:
Click here to see the details of the rolling road.
Click here to see the details of the wind tunnel.
Wind Tunnel Control and Data AcquisitionWIND TUNNEL CONTROL AND DATA ACQUISITION:
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The Windshear Wind Tunnel Rolling-Road Specifications
The Windshear Wind Tunnel Specifications
A Day at Windshear

Windshear Wind Tunnel Security PassWindshear’s state-of-the-art wind tunnel and 180-mile-per-hour rolling road provide a stable, verifiable, and repeatable environment for motor sports testing – in a highly secure and private working environment.

When you arrive on your scheduled day, you will be checked-in by a skilled, certified Windshear technician, who will issue security passes and show you to your private work bay. Security and confidentiality are paramount in every aspect of your experience at Windshear.

A Day at Windshear Inc. Wind TunnelYour work bay is a secure concrete-block structure with a private restroom, kitchenette (with sink and refrigerator), work desk, work bench, private telephone, wireless Internet, flat-screen TV, set-up plate, and air and power for your tools.

Experienced, certified Windshear technicians will assist in the set-up and instrumentation of your test vehicles. A wind tunnel operator will work with you to determine which tests to perform, and then your test vehicle will be safely transported via a private transfer corridor to the Windshear test section. Once there, a Windshear technician will attach the vehicle restraints. You’ll be able to supervise the entire operation through a full-width window from the comfort of the control room. After each test run, a data file will be sent privately and securely to your computer for analysis.

Windshear Wind Tunnel Control RoomThe control room features monitors that allow you to view the status of the wind tunnel, and other parameters relevant to wind tunnel conditions. The wind tunnel operator will serve as your personal “pilot” throughout your Windshear experience. At the end of your test session, the wind tunnel operator will create your personal data disk and then purge all collected data – all under your supervision.

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