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THE ROLLING ROAD QUICK FACTS Click here for wind tunnel facts Click for more
•  The rolling road is 10.5 feet wide by 29.5 feet long
•  The “road” is actually a continuous steel belt
•  The belt will last up to 5,000 operational hours
•  If a vehicle remained on the belt the entire time, it would “travel”
    approximately 300,000 to 400,000 kilometers ( ≈ 186,000 miles to 248,000 miles)
•  The belt can accelerate from zero to 180 mph in less than one minute
•  The “through-the-belt” measurement system measures the aerodynamic down force under
    each tire through the belt
•  This will be just the third roadway of this scale in existence
  Click here for rolling road specs Click for more
Windshear Wind Tunnel Quick Facts
Rolling-road shown undergoing testing prior to installation at Windshear FacilityWindshear selected a Single Belt FlatTrac® Rolling Road system for the facility. It uses a continuous steel belt running beneath the vehicle to simulate the road beneath a racecar traveling on a speedway, providing the most accurate aerodynamic road simulation possible in the industry today.

This wind tunnel has the capability to run continuously at 180 mph to closely approximate the speeds encountered during NASCAR Nextel Cup Series races, and give race teams greater ability to measure the effect of changes to vehicle shape. A revolutionary “through-the-belt” sensing system directly measures the aerodynamic down force produced by the vehicle. At the tunnel’s top speed, the 22-foot diameter main fan will recirculate 2.85 million cubic feet of air per minute, consuming 7 megawatts of power in the process.

Windshear Rolling-Road Windshear Rolling-Road Single-Belt System

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