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THE WIND TUNNEL QUICK FACTS Click here for rolling road facts Click for more  
  The air in this wind tunnel design flows from the fan to the vehicle, then is collected and
    returned to the fan in a closed circuit
  The circuit will cover an area of 160,000 square feet
   It will take an estimated 20,000 tons of steel and 2,000 cubic yards of concrete to
    construct the circuit
  The main fan has a diameter of 22 feet, and is rated at 5,100 hp
  The fan is capable of producing a maximum air speed of 180 mph
  At maximum air speed, the fan produces an air flow volume of 2.85 million cubic feet per
    minute, and its total power consumption is 7 megawatts (one megawatt is equal to one
    million [106] watts)

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Rolling Road Details
  180 MPH
  180 sft Nozzle
  Temperature Control 75F
  5,130 HP Fan and Drive
  Boundary Layer Removal
  Rolling Road System
  Airspeed Control
  BLRS Control
  RRS Control
  Test Article Control

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